8 Reasons Why Employees Quit and What You Can Do to Retain Them

8 Reasons Why Employees Quit

#1 Not Feeling Appreciated at Work

How to Help Employees Feel Appreciated at Work

#2 Lack of Opportunities

“It doesn’t matter if they like what they’re working on, who they’re working with and are compensated fairly or more than fairly,” says David Foote, chief analyst and research officer at Foote Partners. “They have to feel there’s something in it for them personally,” otherwise, they’ll search for better opportunities elsewhere.

How to Provide Employees More Opportunities

#3 Poor Relationship with the Boss or Management

“We hear every day from candidates looking for a company culture that fits with their core values. Strong leadership, open communication, work-life balance and career development are only going to become more important for attraction and retention,” said Hays US president Dan Rodriguez.

How to Improve Relationships with Employees

#4 Stressed or Poor Mental and Physical Health

How to Help Employees Improve Mental and Physical Health

“It can be as simple as having a bowl of fresh fruit in the break room. It can be something like offering a dry-cleaning service that picks up and delivers items for employees while they’re at work. Little things that emphasize the importance of work-life balance go a long way toward making employees feel that they’re not just disposable cogs in a wheel, but a valuable asset to the company, and to their families,” says Wendy Duarte Duckrey, vice president of recruiting at JPMorgan Chase.

#5 No Flexible Work Options

How to Provide More Flexible Work Options

#6 Working From Home

How to Enable Employees to Work from Home

#7 Poor Salary or Benefits

How to Improve Employee Salary and Benefits

#8 Too Little or Too Much Work

How to Balance the Right Amount of Work for your Team

Why Employees Quit and What You Can Do to Retain Them: Conclusion

Who’s Your Peer Advisory Group?



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