Funnels for Coaching / Consulting Businesses

Jeremy Shapiro
5 min readSep 6
Funnels for Coaching / Consulting Businesses
Funnels for Coaching / Consulting Businesses

Funnels for coaching, consulting, or higher-end 1:1 services businesses are unique from a typical e-commerce funnel where someone visits your landing page, opts in, and then purchases online using their credit card.

Coaching funnels are more nuanced typically with a lower volume of higher quality leads that require a higher level of touch to get a sale.

Tracking the wrong funnel metrics, steps, or conversions can be costly — and applying the wrong “fixes” to your coaching funnel can tank your conversions.

A common coaching funnel has a much higher quality lead visit your website, and then opt-in, submit an application, schedule a call, and purchase.

So what steps SHOULD you track in your coaching funnel, where are your leads falling out, and what can you do to stem the bleeding?

In our recent Funnel Optimization Workshop we dove deeper into various funnel shapes, where funnels are broken, and even touched on some Fast Funnel Fixes for the Most Common (and Unusual) Business Funnels! We even spent a good chunk of our time on coaching funnels specifically.

Coaching Funnel Steps

At our Mastermind we’re constantly talking about funnels and we have coaches and consultants in both our Founders Group and our regular Mastermind.

The most common coaching funnels we work with will start with content creation, thought leadership, book authorships, traditional media, social media, and PPC at the top. In other words, generating awareness through your activities. These are all the inputs that fill the top of your funnel.

These all turn into website visitors (based on unique page impressions). You’ll track that in your web analytics tool of choice, like Google Analytics.

You’ll then move your website visitor to an opt-in (ideally), a coaching application, or to a call schedule.

What are you giving your prospect for an opt-in? This could be a lead magnet, an assessment, a coaching application, a free chapter from your book, resources, tools, and more.

You’ll then want to move your coaching prospect to apply to your coaching program.

Jeremy Shapiro

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