Vistage CEO Peer Group Membership

How much does Vistage membership cost?

At times, we have prospective founders and CEOs ask us about the cost of a Vistage membership, especially as it compares to a , or other peer advisory group.

And if the decision about which group to join really comes down to cost… group membership dues may not be the real issue. It is, however, a factor to take into account.

But first, what is Vistage, who are its members, and is it the right group for you?

Vistage Group Membership Overview

Vistage is a high end paid executive coaching and peer advisory group.

Members are business leaders looking for executive coaching to increase the effectiveness of their leadership skills, increase revenues, and grow their business.

Aside from ongoing Vision Groups with fellow business owners, members meet one on one with their executive coach to work specifically on their own business.

About the Vistage Community

Vistage is a community of small-business executives and CEOs that meet in monthly “Vision Groups” to discuss and share experiences.

Additionally, local Vistage advisors (the “Vistage Chairs”) typically meet with members once a month in person one on one at their offices.

Meetings and Programs

Members typically meet in Vision Groups for a day of strategic thinking and professional development.

There are ~10–15 successful CEOs, emerging leaders, and business owners in the room with the meeting being led by a Vistage Chair. The morning is typically spent on speaker run workshop with members having some time in the afternoon to discuss their challenges.

Beyond these monthly meetings, there are Vistage Member Programs for CEOs, Small business owners, key executives, and — through the Trusted Advisor Program — professional service providers.

About Vistage

Vistage began in 1957 and was found by Milwaukee based business owner Robert Nourse.

Robert got together a number of other local executives so they could help each other find sustainable growth and become better leaders.

Additionally, Robert brought in business experts to share their insights and run meetings with the advisory groups.

Since it’s humble start over 65 years ago, the organization has grown to over 28,000 members in 26 countries.

Vistage for Business Leaders

Business leaders, key executives, and CEOs typically join Vistage for the peer advisory group with their group chair where they can hear from guest experts and discuss their most pressing business issues in the afternoon with other CEOs.

Additional training programs for ones team members — for example a key executive or sales rep — round out the group and let top executives benefit from the membership, too.

Vistage by Numbers

Throughout the last 65 years, Vistage has coached small to medium sized businesses through peer advisory groups and executive coaching sessions.

Vistage boasts over 28,000 members across 26 countries from a wide range of industries.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, Vistage members saw revenues grow by 4.6% while comparable members saw revenues reduce by 4.7%.

Who are Typical Vistage Members?

A typical member is part of a fast growing company with revenues of $15mm per year and higher, and is looking to connect with peers in non competing industries to make better decisions for their company.

Leadership is often a focus for members who are growing their businesses faster through smart hires, better decisions, and excellent management.

Membership Benefits

How do members typically achieve success from their meetings?

Companies get insights into industry trends, learn leadership skills, and grow both personally and professionally from their meetings and coaching.

Networking Events

Beyond monthly peer advisory groups and one-on-one coaching, there are also other events throughout the month, for example Executive Summits, CEO Conferences, and CEO Climb Events.

Networking is a part of all of these events, but not the focus.

Is the Vistage Group a Mastermind Group?

When we talk about a (and we do that a lot at the ), we’re referring to the “” as defined by Napoleon Hill.

Vistage groups are more a peer advisory group for vistage member companies to connect with their “advisory board”, share expertise, and work with their executive coach.

Is the Vistage Group a Networking Group?

Most Vistage members join for the peer advisory and executive coaching and networking is a secondary benefit. But networking isn’t the primary reason that business owners and key executives join.

Vistage isn’t like a local chamber group or networking event where people are primarily looking to network and exchange business cards.

Is the Vistage Group a Leads / Referrals Group?

If you’re looking for an organization like or a leads group where members share their customers or leads, this isn’t going to be for you.

Vistage is where a chief executive goes for coaching and peer advisory — not swapping of leads, customers, and referrals.

Vistage Membership Costs and Dues

Joining vistage does require an initial investment (typically $2,500+ upfront) and an ongoing monthly fee of $1,300+ per month for CEOs.

Pricing does vary, especially based on business size.

But the real question you want to be asking is about the value of membership.

Is Vistage Worth It?

Depending on what you’re looking for, it may or may not be a fit. It’s less about the financial cost of membership than it is about the time investment and your objectives.

Looking just for leads and referrals? Nope. Not for you.

Looking just for networking? Next!

Looking for a ““? Not quite.

Looking for an executive coach, trusted advisors, half day workshops, and leaderships expertise from other companies? Maybe.

Willing to invest a full day a month for your Vision Group and additionally one-on-one meeting time with a chair? Good.

Again, beyond just the financial cost, there is a time investment, and an investment in willing to be coached.



Jeremy is the Facilitator of the Bay Area Mastermind, an Entrepreneur, an Advisor, and a Cyclist. He rides long distances for craft coffee and vegan pastries.

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Jeremy Shapiro

Jeremy is the Facilitator of the Bay Area Mastermind, an Entrepreneur, an Advisor, and a Cyclist. He rides long distances for craft coffee and vegan pastries.